NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
bigjubelcommand line utility to calculate current jubilees Desmond Kabus2021-09-11 15:20
bigjubeldesktopDesktop client for BigJubel: calculate current jubilees Desmond Kabus2020-10-19 16:10
bigjubelwebWeb interface for BigJubel: calculate current jubilees Desmond Kabus2020-10-19 16:12
checkupdates-systemdSystemd service and timer to check for updates using pacman-contrib Desmond Kabus2020-10-27 10:39
dakmoonA small program to calculate the current moon phase. Desmond Kabus2023-01-06 18:09
dwmdynamic window manager (dwm) by Desmond Kabus2021-07-18 09:26
futurama-quoteDisplay a random quote from Futurama Desmond Kabus2021-04-11 09:48
pandoc-gbrief-filterLaTeX DIN letter Pandoc filter Desmond Kabus2020-07-10 15:37
remind-agendaInteractive terminal interface for the calendar program 'remind' Desmond Kabus2021-01-03 20:57
remind-dav-helperHelper scripts to sync 'remind' files with Nextcloud via CalDAV Desmond Kabus2020-12-17 22:57
stsimple terminal (st) by Desmond Kabus2020-06-11 21:45
substitution-ciphersSimple substitution ciphers and dictionary attacks Desmond Kabus2020-12-11 08:05