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Desmond Kabus

2019-10-10 14:24

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Die blauen, atemberaubenden Berge

On my way to New Zealand, I had two weeks of stopover in Sydney. I stayed in Katoomba for one of the weeks where I did lots of hiking and met a lot of interesting people along the way.

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Sydney – Großstadt am anderen Ende der Welt

My backpacking adventure on the Southern Hemisphere started in Sydney. I enjoyed the week I spent in the city very much and took a lot of photos!

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How to use Syncthing with Wi-Fi Direct on Android

Syncthing is a useful tool to keep your files in sync on your phone and PCs on Wi-Fi. It can even be used without a Wi-Fi hotspot by using Wi-Fi Direct to make your phone and PC talk directly to each other.

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