Featured image of post Escaping rainy autumn to Guadeloupe

Escaping rainy autumn to Guadeloupe

Because of a not-so-severe hurricane, I was able to snatch some cheap plane tickets to the French Carribean.

The Guadeloupe archipelago has some of the most beautiful beaches that I have ever seen.

Beach of Grand Bourg on Marie Galante

I find the spelling of the local creole easier to read than the French one… So many cute cats!

The main land is relatively well connected by the local, orange buses (Karulis) and the long-distance bus network. I took a small passenger ferry to Îlet du Gosier. Photosynthesis

There are many nice places to snorkel around Guadeloupe. I always try to stay in the shade.

Island waste… Fresh tuna in the “Super U” supermarket My hostel breakfast with bread, banana, cucumber and avocado all from Guadeloupe

Real tropical rainforest. Don’t forget mosquito spray!

The beach of Grand Bas-Vent

Packing recommendation: a hammock Finally, I also sailed in the Caribbean!

I met a hermit crab on a hike.

Climbing the Soufrière Unfortunately, the summit was covered in clouds.

Fresh coconut on the beach Perfect weather Bye dear hostel cat “Sushi”

A day in Paris between a transatlantic flight and a Eurostar train ride

In Paris, I was able to get used to the rainy autumn again. This train of the Paris Metro runs on tyres.

It can be worth taking a detour with the metro.