Featured image of post Spring in the Pacific North-West

Spring in the Pacific North-West

For another conference, I went to Portland, Oregon. At the weekends before and after, I had enough time to not only explore the city, but also the surrounding nature.

On the plane to Portland, I already had a great view of the famous volcanoes of the Pacific North-West, like Mount Rainier.

The Oregon Conferention Center has two quite distinct glass towers that can be seen from all over the city. The famous Old Town neon-sign.

Portland has bridges of many different styles on display: Steel Bridge in the city centre. The Saint Johns Bridge A rarity in the US: Tilikum Crossing is not accessible to cars.

Trams are called “light rail” in America. First and foremost, infrastructure in the US is designed for cars, though. An eight-lane interstate highway runs right along the Willamette river.

My talk at the conference Breakfast at Denny’s american diner with enough calories for an entire day

Two axolotl smile at me from inside their aquarium.

Portland has a stunning Japanese garden. There were bonsai trees, some of which were hundreds of years old.

Oregon is known for its green coniferous forests. The giant redwood trees make even the biggest American pickup trucks look small.

Trip to Cannon Beach Perfect weather to fly a kite.

Desmond Kabus
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