Featured image of post Vulcanic islands and sailing boats

Vulcanic islands and sailing boats

On this sailing trip during Easter, we explored Sicily and the Lipari Islands, also known as the Aeolian Islands.

This sailing trip was organised by SIRUB, the sailing club of Ruhr-University Bochum. If you live in the Ruhr area and want to learn sailing, feel free to visit SIRUB.com.

Lipari Islands

Vulcano: Active volcanic island

“This is where we want to go!” View from the peak

Panorama of the crater of Vulcano

Lipari: Easter on the main island

Easter procession to church On our way to Salina

Good vibes on board

Salina: Sleepy fisher island

Coastal promenade of Santa Marina After-lunch nap…

The crew Our chartered boat in an almost vacant harbour It’s hard to believe that this is where we bought fish and shrimp!

Stromboli: Volcanic eruptions from sea

Fifteen nautical miles to go until Stromboli!

From outside of the exclusion zone around the 924m-tall volcano, we were able to see around 300m-tall fountains of ash and rock. A small lighthouse on Strombolicchio

Panarea: Island of villas

Anchoring at Panarea In my opinion, Panarea is so pictureque!

Because of clouds, today’s view on Stromboli wasn’t as good as yesterday’s!



Taormina’s Greek amphitheater has a view of Etna.

I always use UV-reflective shirts to protect my skin from the sun. Our trip started and ended in Portorosa.


The Cathedral of Palermo This palm tree fills the atrium perfectly.

Delicious brioche con gelato!

Art in the botanical garden Statue of Carl Linnaeus in the botanical garden

View of a monstera plant at Chiesa di San Giovanni degli Eremiti An abundance of gold in the Norman Palace

This cat chose quite the windy spot!