Featured image of post Dreamy beaches of Aruba

Dreamy beaches of Aruba

In the summer of 2022, I had the chance to travel to Aruba! It was my first holiday in the Carribean, and I am sure that I will return to explore it more.

Aruba may be its own country… …but it also is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Finally some time to read! Tropical sunset

The famous Divi Divi tree Typical mangrove forest

The ocean water is incredibly clean in Aruba! Oh, the temptation to sail! Unfortunately, it didn’t work out on this holiday.

The tram in Oranjestad really is just decoration. Thanks to the cultural link to Holland, there is delicious friet speciaal.

A rare sight: A cactus with its fruit. The fruit tasted slightly sweet.

In the east of the island, there are a few spacious caves. Cave drawings were left there many ages ago.

Despite the heat, I climbed the Hooiberg.

Desmond Kabus
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